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How do you get rid of blackheads? Any home remedies?

First:do NOT squeez them, it will make your pore bigger and thus bigger blackheads. Also, those 'paper strips' that you stick to the nose when wet, and peel off when dry, they will enlarge your pore too. When you pore is biggger, it's no way to make it smaller again. (my painful experiences)

Weekly: do a scrub for your face, then a deep clean mask, finally your moisturize

Daily: wash your face day and night, then apply moisturizer

Everytime you finish washing your face, splash cold water to make the pore smaller.

Drink lots of water

Use oil absorbing paper during the day (I suggest Clean and Clear oil absorbing paper, they are soft, fast and powerful)How do you get rid of blackheads? Any home remedies?
buy some st. ives blackhead scrub works awesomeHow do you get rid of blackheads? Any home remedies?
wash ur face always

the ones in ur nose~squeeze them
tea tree oil
Washing your face is definitely a good way. I personally prefer Dove soap, but that's just me. I also will pop, even though I know it's bad to do so.

Lotions are good, though not a home remedy. Velocity's Facial Cleanser from Mary Kay works literal wonders over night for me, and keeps my skin clear for a week after just one use.

How do i get rid of blackheads without using too much money?

hold your head over a bowl of steaming water to open the pores and then clense, and only wash your face with soap, and i promise you will never get spotsHow do i get rid of blackheads without using too much money?
Cleanse your face with unboiled milk, gently rub a coarse cloth dipped in milk to remove the blackheads. Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.How do i get rid of blackheads without using too much money?
You must take a 3 pronged approach to dealing with black heads. First, you must cleanse. Second, you must exfoliate (manual and chemical - bha, and microderm cream). Thirdly, try out the biore self heating mask, and then slap those pore strips down on the wet nose, let dry and let them rip!

Biore has a pretty good microderm cream - just look for the one that has the alluminum crystals. They may market it as a scrub....

For chemical exfoliation, the best is

Start with the 2%, then work up to the 5% and there are also AHA and BHA combos (alpha hydroxy acid and betahydroxy acid).

If you are really the kitchen sink type cosmetics gal, just get some baking soda and water, and make a paste with liquid soap and exfoliate. Then follow with some Apple Cider Vinegar (for a home made triurtion) - alkaline + acid. Then do the biore strips.

Don't for get the emu oil to deal with any inflammation, heal, and protect your skin.

Best of luck!
it seems to me that you have lots of questions about your face and looking for solutions that are cheap and affordable.. if worst comes to worst.. use PERLA WHITE its works.. some of my maids use it and it dries their pimples and makes their face white.. i just dont know if its safe..
you cant get rid of them, they are the devil
I'm sorry to say... you can't. Eventually, your body will clear the pores. JUst wash your face with good products often, to prevent having even MORE. Getting rid of blackheads would only be possible if you could skip teenage years and skip to being an adult. Which is impossible. I hate them too, but they get better in the long run ... and no one can make fun of them since like everyone has them! Don't worry... think of them as.... a fashion statement... something to prove that you ARE a teen... and loving it! lol yeaaah... ;)
Money doesn't get rid of blackheads

How do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?

...How do i get rid of the blackheads on my nose??

Help Please!!

Thanks in advance, :)How do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
use a blacke head scrub. I love the st ives one as well as neutrogena foaming scrub (the one in the blue tube). The CVS version works just as well, too. The blackhead eraser works welll to, and so does the wave. Also, try rubbing a nail filer across your nose. also, keep it clean, blackheads are just layers of dirt.How do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
I use neutrogena blackhead scrub and it really helped remove several of my blackheads in about a week. Try it! Also go on google for some natural remedies. :D

How do I get rid of blackheads?

I have HORRRRRIBLE black heads on my nose. It's SOOO annoying,



Annette.How do I get rid of blackheads?
steam and scrub your face once a week. If you steam, it will be easier for the black heads to come off.How do I get rid of blackheads?
Fresh mint juice is a very effective remedy for blackheads. Apply this fresh mint juice on the face every night for the treatment of blackheads. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
Annette, if you're serious,read this blog before taking any action

Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to find the best teeth whitening method.

Hope this helps
maybe you should buy Clearisil ultra clean- works in 3 days!!! guarenteed!!!! i'm serious!!! umm... get the face ';scrub,'; just get the whole shindig!! hahalol

have fun?
Biore Nose Strips work wonders.

Also use an exfoliator/scrub once a week at least

How To Permanently Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Please tell me how, i am sick of putting blackhead removal on every morningHow To Permanently Get Rid Of Blackheads?
you can't get it remove forever only temporarily. i too had lots blackheads, i suggest you to use cellnique, it is a terrific product. you could get rid of blackheads after using it. after using it, your blackheads will reduce a lot. it won't clear up all but it will only leave very few small blackheads, no one will ever knowHow To Permanently Get Rid Of Blackheads?
I think that you can't sweety :(

You can use treatments to stop them from forming and keeping them away. But your skin has little pours and they will always be there.

So you have to remove the black heads then keep your skin clean so they don't come back.

After you use Blackhead removal treatments, you can splash your face with cold water...that closes the pours. But sweat, heat and general day to day living can open and close them. That's when the dirt gets in.

I wish i could get rid of mine...i hate them as well!

So i would suggest finding a good pour minimizer treatment and removal treatment to keep them away, but that's about it.

hope this helps :)
';Permanence'; implies treating the problem at its source - and that's by eating or drinking nothing artificial. The skin is like a 2nd kidney, it has to excrete the excess waste products that most people would consider ';food.';
Your pores are always collecting dirt. There's no way to realistically stop that.
See a specialist skin doctor.
  • moon drops
  • I have dozens of tiny little blackheads on my nose?

    What should I do to get rid of them and keep them from returning?I have dozens of tiny little blackheads on my nose?
    Do A Face mask with something you have to peel off.I find the 1's that you wash off don't work as well.

    You could also get a scrubber for washing your face instead of just a towel or by hand.

    Oh %26amp; if you have them now %26amp; your face is oily don't worry so much,YOU won't age as FAST!!I have dozens of tiny little blackheads on my nose?
    It means you're not eating enough strawberries.
    all u have to do is, open your pores by steaming it...boil water and position your face inches away from a small basin where you poured the boiled water....when u feel the sweat on your face it means, your pores are open already...wash your face with warm water and a mild facial foam. before washing your face with water again, get half a teaspoon of brown sugar and scrub it on your face...

    note: don't be too harsh when it mildly....

    after scrubbing, wash your face with warm water thoroughly...then wash it again with cold water...(or an ice for a few minutes to close the pores)...

    don't forget to apply a toner and a moisturizer afterwards...
    A good Exfoliating scrub-Netrogena has some really good ones, Proactiv Solution, or Biore' Pore strips.
    wash your face with clearasil

    i use it and it helps
    dont touch them use pro active it works rellay good because the more u touch them then the more germs and stuff get in ur pores and u get more
    Oh, memories!

    I used a peel-off facial masque for mine, and the advice about opening pores above is excellent!

    I actually went for a facial treatment, so they could get the blackheads out for me, and start off with a clean face. They also gave me great advice on facial care.

    The steps to follow are to cleanse both morning and night. Afterwards, use a preparation that will help kill germs on your face, such as an astringent or toner. Plain bottled witch hazel is great to use, and is inexpensive.

    Use a good cleansing wash, something with a bit of exfoliant is best. Choose whichever brand you like. I personally like Neutragena. Don't over-scrub, it just aggravates things.

    Again, always finish off with a cool rinse. Dab astringent on all the oily areas.

    Remember, day and night, no excuses! If they're stubborn, you should try a professional facial or a dermatologist.

    Hope you're looking good again soon!
    The only thing that has worked well for me is to use the Biore strips - you can find them in your local grocery store. I follow that with a liquid toner that will help reduce the pore size. I don't think you can keep any acne from ever ever returning, but this certainly helps. Also try Proactive it really does work! :)
    Before you cleanse your face CAREFULLY steam your face or use hot water to help open up pores. Wash your face and exfoiliate. Use black head strips by brands like Biore. You should also look in to a complexion/blemish extractor. You can find 1 at Sephora for around $16-18. The helps extracts blackheads with out using your hands. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully so you do not break or scar the skin by using too much pressure. Hope this helps!
    Biore pore strips work really well and there is also a tea tree nose pore mask at The Body Shop that works really well and it is especially for blackheads. For me, Proactiv doesn't help get rid of blackheads but it does keep them from coming back b/c it comes with a liquid toner step and that also helps with making your pores smaller. Also it helps if you steam your face before using anything b/c that opens up your pores. Also I found this one thing on a website that is for blackheads and I will put it down below in case you want to try it. Hope this helps! =)

    Here is the thing I got off the website-

    Make a lotion with equal parts of lime juice, almond oil and glycerin and apply on the face. It not only cures blackheads but the discoloring spots on the face too.
    Use Biore Pore Pack follow with toner...

    How do you get rid of blackheads permanently?

    no permanent solution, just keep your face clean by using a light abrasive facial cleanser and get facials every now and then for deep cleansing.How do you get rid of blackheads permanently?
    Blackheads are small “plugs” that develop in the pores of the skin. They are caused when the over active oil glands in the skin become clogged. This oil then begins to harden in the pore and the top becomes black. This black top of the oil plug is then forced closer to the surface of skin by the oil hardening beneath it. This then causes the blackhead to be visible.

    Some Tips...

    -Keep the skin as clean and oil free as possible. Use natural or chemically prepared cleansers, astringent solutions or masks to accomplish this. Avoid harsh soaps that may irritate the skin or any creams that leave an oily finish. Shower every day.

    - Use a gentle exfoliant to keep the dead cells off your skin and away from the pore openings.

    - Avoid harsh squeezing or scraping at the blackhead. Excessive squeezing can damage the skin surround the pore and can actually increase the size of the pore leading to more blackheads in the future.

    - A warm compress of water applied to the area of the blackhead followed by a very, very gentle pressure can help in clearing the clog from the pore.

    - Commercial “blackhead strips” which are basically a tape like substance that is placed over the nose and then pulled off will remove some blackheads that are at the surface. Caution should be used with these products and it is important to read the directions completely before deciding to use the strips or not.

    Good luck!!!How do you get rid of blackheads permanently?
    use a facial scrub for blackheads